Surface Coating

Surface characteristics of existing materials have to be enhanced to meet this demand, as it would be impossible to invent new materials to keep pace with the ever-increasing surface property requirements and thermal spraying is one such kind to enhance the surface characteristics of materials.


D-Gun Spray Coating

The D-Gun uses measured quantities of oxygen, acetylene and particles of a coating material, detonated by a timed spark in the firing chamber. The resultant high-speed gas stream heats up the coating particles to a plastic state and throws them from the gun barrel at supersonic velocity (upto 1200m/s).



Metallizing is the process of applying any metal on to virtually any base metal. A metal in the form of wire is pulled into the rear of the gun by an automatic feed mechanism powered by a self contained compressed air driven turbine.The wire is fed through the gun into a fuel/oxygen frame.


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Environmental Friendly Coating Processes by adopting Process Management and adhering to Standard Practices on a Continual Endeavor. Types of coating process are mentioned below.

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Shafel Tech has equipped itself with state of the art facilities and has exploited the potential of this technology and developed a wide range of applications.

In House Lab Testing

Grit Blasting Equipment

CNC Gun Manipulator

In-house Plant

Air Drier

Measuring Instruments

Shafel Tech coating Rate Calculator

You can refer shafel tech coating rate calculator to know the various coating rates .!!!

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